The Index by Elysium Health Case Study You'll Never Forget

Find out Your Age and Re-shape Your Wellbeing

Your era is the normal age in. Use it to Elysium see if producing lifestyle and also other changes can impact how you age later on.

The Way Index Will Work

Measure 1:

Purchase Index and we'll send it for you personally. The moment it is received by you , just send a saliva sample back once again to us in the email address box.

Step Two:

Once we get your sample, our scientists can analyze your own epigenome inside our lab employing a DNA methylation.

Step 3:

You'll obtain an electronic digital report on your era and living recommendations.

Index's Science

Index can be just actually really a breakthrough in the discipline of aging. We created this test with the assistance of custom array-based technology and scientists.


My books are The Berlin Tales along with Groundbreaking Road. They really helped make me the person.

Index is powered with the Elysium processor, created together with the assistance of a leader in array-based engineering and DNA sequencing. This technology enables us to bring investigation.

We are researching applications for the Index platform outside age; our aim is to give , health advice that are customized that are exceptional to help you survive to.

Invest in Index Now

Your biological age is the age at. Use it to observe if different changes and also making lifestyle may impact how you era in the future.